Silver Swans

As reported in the local press Kerry Devine was one of the first official licensees of the Silver Swans(r) initiative launched by the Royal Academy of Dance in 2017 and is also a recognised tutor who, only and strictly through the RAD and their official workshops teaches other teachers the Silver Swans(r) course material.

Only Silver Swans Licensees are eligible to deliver Silver Swans classes and use the brand name and logo.

Specially designed for older learners, Silver Swans(r) ballet classes will help improve mobility, posture, co-ordination and energy levels.

Improve your dance-life balance!

The health benefits of dance are well documented. Research shows that 75% of the factors affecting quality of life and longevity are related to lifestyle, while only 25% are hereditary. This means that there's no excuse for not getting more active whatever age, and dance, in particular, can play a vital role in ensuring a longer and better quality of life.

Research also often puts dance ahead of other physical activities in the variety of health benefits that it brings. Ballet and dance are also very social activities and Silver Swans classes can be great places to meet new people with a passion and joy for life.

The RAD has introduced Silver Swans classes which are open to people of all ages and abilities. Silver Swans Licensees are trained specifically to teach ballet to adults over 50's with a range of abilities but all ages are welcome. Open, fun and accessible, these classes will help improve mobility, posture, coordination, and energy levels.

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  • Silver Swans dance classes are amazing. They are tailored specifically for the over 50's and Kerry is the most patient and encouraging of teachers. She understands what we can do and inspires us to try our best without putting any pressure on to go beyond what is appropriate for our bodies. She ensures what we do is safe whilst still stretching us to try new steps. I have been attending for just over a year and I absolutely love it. We dance, laugh and chat and I leave feeling younger in mind and body. My balance, posture and memory have improved so much. The music, the ballet, the friends I have made make it such a joyous 45 minutes. Kerry has set up a messaging group and posts short videos of any new steps we have done so we can practice at home if we want to. I never dreamt that that I be doing ballet at the age of 63 but I am proud to say that I am and I enjoy every single happy moment. I cannot recommend these classes highly enough

    Janice Kendrick
  • So lucky to have found Silver Swans and Miss Kerry Devine. Kerry has fuelled my passion for ballet with her enthusiastic teaching and the wonderful role model she provides. She is patient and sensitive but ensures her "Swans" improve through her excellent teaching, encouragement and praise. Kerry makes us believe we really are dancers .

    Sheila Lally
  • I joined the Silver Swans group a few weeks ago having never done ballet before and not knowing what to expect . Not easy to walk through any door for the first time but I received such a warm welcome from both Kerry and all the other members . All different levels are in the room and Kerry is very supportive of everyone's achievements . Doing this is not only good for your personal health and well-being but an opportunity to meet lovely people as well .

    Ann Edwards
  • I am a Silver Swan and so happy that I have discovered the joy of dance. I have no previous experience, but our inspirational, patient and understanding teacher carefully explains and repeatedly demonstrates each and every step as a group we take together. We are frequently reminded that learning to dance is about enjoyment and having fun and we certainly do! Recent American research indicates that dancing is linked to a 76% reduction in the likelihood of developing Dementia, so it endlessly delights me to be learning a new skill which is fantastic for my mental health and emotional well-being. Initially, I thought ballet would help to maintain my bone strength and it does, but in addition my body confidence, fitness, flexibility, muscle tone and particularly my balance and posture have significantly improved. I love our warm up because the minute the music begins to play I am in the world of a dancer. My concentration is at its best and as each moment unfolds I just love it; ballet has nurtured that wonderful sense of 'mindfulness' and I believe that learning to dance is one of the most sensible decisions I have made to date and I look forward to dancing in the years and decades to come.

    Vicki Baum Ann Gaffney
  • A few months ago I bumped into a lady I hadn't seen for some time. She told me how much fun it is at Kerry's Silver Swans classes and suggested I went along. So, nervous and with two left feet I joined and was instantly welcome. Kerry makes everyone feel at home and the other "Swans" are lovely. I'm so happy that I did join. I am a beginner but Kerry makes sure that things always makes sense, in the warming up and down and also in the steps we practise and in the routines she choreographs for us.

    Jane Rhead
  • I started Silver Swans in May 2018. The classes are a great way to keep fit, make new friends and have fun. Through simple dance moves, you will improve your balance, posture and stamina. Miss Kerry is an amazing teacher. She is a national instructor for the programme and we are so fortunate to benefit from her invaluable experience. Miss Kerry is encouraging, supportive and generous of her time. I would strongly recommend Silver Swans. It is the highlight of my week.

    Vanita Brookes
  • I have been a Silver Swan with Kerry's bevy since day one. Absolutely love it! The music, the feel good factor - feel like I'm floating out of class every week. So good for balance and flexibility and also gets the brain working!

    Liz Thomas
  • I have been going to Silver Swans classes since June 2018 and I love it! It's a great way to keep fit and improve your core and balance (most important when you are over a certain age!). It's also a good way to meet lovely new people and make friends. Kerry is an excellent teacher and always encourages us to do our best having endless patience with her Silver Swans. She is always positive and smiling and makes our dance classes so enjoyable.

    Jayne Holley
  • This deliberate, 'stepped' or gradual approach is ideal for so many reasons: limiting the chance of injury, building self-confidence, apart from the obvious fitness- and overall health-improving benefits. Kerry delivers this in an excellent way, and gives us constant encouragement, without ever sounding 'textbook'. Coupled with the freedom to choose 'how far we want to go', it makes for an individual experience that one can take into the rest of the week, to build on. Personally, it's the best hour of my week.

    Carin Johnson
  • My friend introduced me to Kerry's class teaching Silver Swans and I'm so pleased she did. I was made to feel very welcome from the start. Kerry is such a brilliant ballet teacher who guides and teaches us with warmth and patience. She encourages us to dance at our own pace and to our own limits so the dance steps and routines suit both the beginner and the more experienced amongst us. She praises us constantly. I love dancing with Silver Swans and Thursdays wouldn't be the same without it. Thanks Kerry.

    Susan Power